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Democrat Weenie Needs Troops to Back Him up Visiting Notorious Marjorie Taylor Greene

I’m happy to report that Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (Notorious MTG) is making a pest of herself with all the free time she now has on her hands. The freshman Republican from Georgia became the first Member of Congress in history to be removed from her committee assignments through a vote of the opposition party. Greene has been making the most of it, using obscure procedural tricks to try to gum up the works and slow Nancy Pelosi’s mad rush to socialism down. Good for her!

Greene riled people up when the House was getting ready to vote on the Democrat pension fund bailout known as the “COVID stimulus bill” earlier this month. It was getting toward the end of the day and Pelosi wanted to just pass the bill on a party-line vote and get it over with. But finding herself with nothing better to do (heh!), Greene threw a monkey wrench into the works.

Under House rules, any Member can call for a vote to adjourn for the day at any time. So, right as Nancy Pelosi was anticipating her glass of Metamucil and an episode of “Murder, She Wrote” before bedtime, Marjorie Taylor Greene made a motion to adjourn for the day. That led to audible groans on the House floor, followed by an incredibly slow, boring vote on whether to adjourn or not.

Since Pelosi still has insane COVID rules in full force in the House, voting on anything takes much longer these days. House Members have to enter and leave the chamber in shifts to vote on bills or motions, so that everyone is socially distanced. Even though the motion to adjourn failed (40 Republicans voted with the Democrats to keep going), it ate up more of the clock on an already-long day.

This wasn’t just some petty ploy on Greene’s part. The Democrat Party’s big, bold agenda to turn America into Venezuela is already starting to wear out. As I’ve pointed out numerous times, Republicans just have to stall the Democrats until about May and then Congress will pretty much grind to a halt for the remainder of the Biden/Harris administration’s term. Other than run-of-the-mill omnibus spending bills to fund the government, there’s no more time to get anything done after that initial 100-day “honeymoon.”

Don’t believe me? Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) has announced that Biden’s big amnesty push for illegal aliens is already dead in the water. There are not enough votes and more importantly, not enough time. Marjorie Taylor Greene understands this and she’s helping to run out the clock. This is your fault, Democrats! You could have kept her busy with her committee assignments, but no…

It’s also odd that Democrats seem to be genuinely frightened of Marjorie Taylor Greene. That was on display this week when Guam’s Representative Michael San Nicolas, who caucuses with the Democrats, showed up at Greene’s office with a platoon of National Guard soldiers to back him up. He was in a huff because of Greene’s recent speech at CPAC.

Greene said in that speech, “We believe our hard-earned tax dollars should just go for America – not for what, China, Russia, the Middle East, Guam – whatever, wherever.”

The “whatever, wherever,” makes it obvious that she realized her error even as she said it (Guam is a US territory and its residents are technically US citizens). But she made a boo-boo in a speech, so that’s always an opening for Democrats to claim that Republicans are hate-crime-ing them.

Deciding he was going to give Marjorie Taylor Greene the what-for, San Nicolas found a bunch of Guam soldiers who are in DC as part of Pelosi’s praetorian guard and marched over to Greene’s office. I guess he was going to show her just how patriotic and American the people from Guam are. Because what could be more American than leading a platoon of soldiers to your political enemy’s office, right?

Which of these sounds more threatening to you: The QAnon shaman in buffalo horns singing a song in the Senate breakroom, or a platoon of soldiers marching to a congresswoman’s office to try to intimidate her?

Do you think San Nicolas realizes just how much damage he’s done to the military’s reputation with that stunt? San Nicolas, by the way, is under an ethics investigation right now for allegedly pocketing campaign funds and sleeping with a staffer.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is doing a fantastic job of showing just how weak and scared the Democrats really are. They don’t know how to react to someone who refuses to back down from their threats and tantrums. She’s giving them fits because she stands up to them and says, “No.”

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  1. Johnny says

    Go MTG.!!

  2. Tabby says

    Need more like MTG ( and there are a few others who are undaunted). Those that have a backbone and will stand firm. It’s the only thing to keep the Dems from taking over and destroying our country. Imagine if only all the Republicans wouldn’t be intimidated. Then the Dems wouldn’t get their way. Can’t figure out why anyone is afraid of pelosi. She’s nobody in my book it a American hating …… Get her out of office and EVERYBODY including Dems would breathe a sigh of relief

  3. lee says

    More like her!!!!!

  4. Duane says

    What’s the rest of the story, what happened to San Nicolas? Where did this go?

  5. Fred Massey says

    Go M.T Greene hold those Dumbocrats back as long as you can. S.E Georgia loves you. Please keep fighting for our second amendment rights your the only elected official doing what you promised for Georgians. At election time we hope to get rid of Warnock, Ossoffe , and Kemp.

  6. Phil D says

    You go girl!!!

  7. Jim C says

    From Florida with love! Keep going MT Greene! Piss ‘em more!

  8. Gerald S Ladd says

    We need more, just like her!

  9. johnie v greenwell says

    this woman is a true patriot..go girl!

  10. D.K.Jordan says

    God l love this woman. I just regret she.s not from Penna.

  11. Greta says

    Great job mtg. You and a few other newbie gop women are such a breath of fresh air finally. That old swamp guard needs to be drained next year.

  12. James B Jacobs says

    He takes the army with him to her office? Talk about a dictator. Isn’t that something they would do. No wonder we have such a mess in Washington. I think we need to vote the whole bunch out, Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats for trying to kill this country and the Republicans for sitting on the rear ends and letting it happen. They are a worthless bunch of idiots.

  13. Donald Cook says

    She was and is a Threat to the Socialist. Stay Strong Marjorie Greene.

  14. Marti says

    Wonderful to see a fighter like Trump! There are only a few…

  15. William Patterson says

    Way to go greene a true patriot and the only one with a spine!

  16. Honest says

    Good Job Marge !!! Keep going and NEVER Give Up ~ Thank You ~

  17. Ally says

    MTG is a great Rep. She should be up for Nancy Pelosi’s job very soon.

  18. figmo says

    That isn’t really a gavel you see Nancy holding in many photos. It’s a vibrator disguised as a gavel. Nancy was upset at the delay because she wanted to get home and put her “gavel” to use for its intended purpose.

  19. John M says

    Has she considered moving to PA? We could use some reps with fortitude.

  20. Larry austin says

    We, Republicans, need more like Greene to stand up and take a stand against Biden and the radical Democrat corruption against our country, 75 million voters need to take action as McConnell is to liberal with friend DNC Schumer and he is the reason we lost the Senate in Georgia.


    MTG is a WOMAN of courage and in office that has seen the ‘light’ and the asinine destruction that “Peelosi” and her idiotic yes men are causing to this nation. She has the intestinal fortitude or backbone if you wish, to STAND-UP and yell “NO MORE BULLSHIT”. She is looking out for the citizens of this country.

  22. Jamey says

    Could it be that there ARE some Republicans who are learning how to wage a political battle? Where in hell are the rest of them? The Republican Party should learn that “go along to get along” is not in the cards anymore. Democrats are out to destroy all that is American. They MUST be resisted and overcome.

  23. Dennis says

    Whatever keeps the focus off the STOLEN ELECTION !

  24. ginger L tart says


  25. Jerry says

    From a Texan-Go Go Go MJG. We love you down here. Keep up the good work.

  26. Walter Deveau says

    The constitution is the law of the land in the united states. The elected officials,when being sworn in, promise to defend the constitution. Why is it the democrats constantly work to undermine the constitution,when they promise to uphold it at their swearing in?
    The very fact that they do,is the definition of treason!!!

  27. Morrie says

    We need more Republican Reps. like MTG. If you don’t fight fire with fire they are going to continue to ride roughshod over our Constitution and law and order. Wake up Republicans. In the states that the Republicans control legislatively should never allowed what took place in the Presidential election. Instead they were once again hood winked by the criminal Rat party. The Rat party did everything possible to obstruct President Trump either by hook or crook or with legislative rules. They deserve noting less from the Republicans.

  28. NORDNEG says

    Whaaat…! a Republican with balls ????
    AMAZING, the G O P needs more of these.

  29. Ron says

    How about this, enough democrats ousted in the 2022 elections to give the republicans control. One of which being Donald Trump. Imagine that Donald Trump Speaker of the House. Think pelosi might have the big one?

  30. Bubbinator says

    Power to Representative Greene! Keep up the great work. A true picture of just how pathetically incompetent Pelosi and the feckless Democrats really are is shown with their efforts to remove MTG from office over absolutely nothing wrong or illegal yet they overlook huge POSs like Swallowell and Omar who are actually breaking laws and do nothing. HOUSE & SENATE 2022 AND TRUMP 2024! 🇺🇸

  31. Koz says

    MTG !!! Jerry , Texas here also, MTG IS AWWSUUMM!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  32. BootsOnGround says

    MTG is a true and courageous winner. We must all stand up and support her against all the Demrats who are scared of everything, including our military; yet, when they feel threatened, which is all the time, they want our military to be right there to defend them.

  33. Arthur J Jurczak says

    Each true Republican should have asked for a vote to adjourn in turn after each vote, then ask it again for a verbal vote from each congressman.

  34. Arthur J Jurczak says

    The problem is, the protectors weapons are facing in the wrong direction.

  35. Donald J says

    So the military is really there to protect the CP arm of the government? Just as we expected.

  36. Daniel Cleveland says

    What, Guam hasn’t tipped over yet?

  37. ONLYJB1 says

    Let’s take a vote! AOC or MTG?

  38. PISSEDOFF says

    GOD BLESS “The Notorious” MTG !!!!

  39. PISSEDOFF says

    @ONLYJB1 : MY money is on MTG !!

  40. Sean Richman says

    Finally finding out that we do have some Republicans with the fortitude to challenge the democrats and their AMERICA destroying agenda.Go for it MTG and the rest of you real Republicans.

  41. James says

    Micheal san nicolas is a sissy and a punk ass bitch!

  42. Linn says

    NORDNEC: Very good post, I am shaking my head!! Too bad it has to be a woman that shows how to have a set of balls! Grow some of them Republicans and fight back!!!!

  43. Bunny says

    I’ve been a big fan of hers since her Dr Seuss ditty. She keeps on coming up with ways to keep the Demorats off their game. If only more republicans had hers and Trumps moxie.

  44. Zepher Zipping says

    Rock pelosi’s world , Majorities ! The American people are with you .

  45. GymS says

    MTG, an American hero. You go girl!

  46. SUNFLOWER says

    Keep up the good work Miss Greene. Now we need about 100,000 more brave Patriots to stand up against these corrupt politicians & run them out of Washington forever. THEN We The People make it understood that ALL public servant’s work FOR US ! Also, Nicolas should be sent a bill for the use of troops…..what a WUSS !

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