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House GOP Releasing Russiagate Transcripts – What We Know So Far

Now that the GOP has lost control of the House and former Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) has retired from Congress, you have to wonder how much the guy was covering for the Justice Department for the past two years.

Now that Goodlatte is out of the way and Trey Gowdy (R-SC) has also retired, Georgia Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA) is the Ranking Member of the minority Republicans on the Judiciary Committee – and he has been tearing the swamp to pieces.

Collins has now publicly released three separate private transcripts of key players in the soft coup against President Trump. Here’s what we know so far.

First, Bruce Ohr – a career prosecutor at the Department of Justice – inserted himself into the chain of evidence custody in the Russian collusion conspiracy.

Ohr had a professional relationship that dates back more than a decade with former British spy Christopher Steele, the man hired by Fusion GPS and ultimately the Clinton campaign to dig up “Russian dirt” on Donald Trump.

Steele gave physical evidence in the form of documents and a thumb drive (although we should call it “evidence” with air quotes) to Ohr, who then handed the evidence to the FBI.

Prosecutors aren’t supposed to be in the chain of custody when it comes to evidence in a potential criminal case. Steele should have delivered his information directly to the FBI.

Ohr knows this as a career prosecutor, but in the Obama Justice Department’s zeal to “get Trump,” they threw all legal protocol out the window.

The Lisa Page transcripts reveals that the Justice Department under then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch directly intervened to prevent Hillary Clinton from being prosecuted under the Espionage Act. Page was the FBI attorney who was also the mistress of anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok.

You’re probably already aware of her text messages describing her hatred of Donald Trump and her sincere 2016 hopes that Trump would never be president. “Right?… Right?”

Page admitted to the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees last year that the mid-level managers at the FBI wanted to charge Hillary Clinton with gross negligence in mishandling classified information.

As Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton used a private, off-the-books, illegal home server for all of her work emails. This included potentially thousands of classified documents, but we’ll never know the extent of her crimes because she deleted most of the information before law enforcement could get its hands on the server.

Why wasn’t Hillary Clinton charged with a crime?

Because, according to Lisa Page, the Justice Department told them they would not even consider prosecuting a gross negligence charge – so don’t even bother.

This order came to the FBI investigators before they had even interviewed Hillary Clinton about the case. It also came before Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton in that infamous “tarmac meeting,” right before Hillary was exonerated of all wrongdoing by then-FBI Director James Comey.

The Peter Strzok transcript didn’t offer much in the way of red meat. Strzok behaved much the same behind closed doors as he did during his public testimony.

He was combative, uncooperative, and insists that his personal bias and his “insurance policy” to keep Trump out of office were on the up-and-up.

One of the soon-to-be-released transcripts promises to be a howler, according to Fox News’ Sarah Carter, who has seen it.

Christopher Steele in fact did not rely on “Russians” for his infamous Trump-Russian dossier. Steele admitted this behind closed doors to Congress, which is why Republicans have been so eager to release these transcripts.

Where did Steele get his information, then? From random anti-Trump user comments on CNN articles.

Steele would then take quotes from random CNN fans and conspiracy theorists and verify the information with his Russian sources, who must have been laughing their rear-ends off.

Steele: “Is this true about Donald Trump and the Russian hookers?”

Drunk Russian Official: “Da! Da! Every word true, comrade! We even have pictures.”

This was the information that James Comey’s FBI agents used to secure a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. Random CNN user comments.

Now we’re two years into the Mueller campaign, the lives of various Trump campaign officials have been destroyed, and we’re finally learning just how bad the DOJ and FBI rot is. Here’s hoping that the new Attorney General will clean house and start firing and arresting the real Russian colluders.

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  1. Betty Jay says

    The entire Obama administration was filled with corruption

    1. Betty Jay says

      Why is my simple comment waiting for moderation? The truth should be accepted

      1. Gerald Ladd says

        Betty, you may have said something bad about Obunghole!

        1. Galtha58 says

          LOL thanks for the laugh.

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        Because this site is run by liberals and they censor EVERYTHING! JERKS!

    2. BAMBINA says


      1. James in Texas says

        In your dreams, and only in “Your” dreams! Well, OK, maybe all of the CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and most of the Democrats! But, of course, without a single piece of evidence. But that’s what Socialists do for a living! MAGA 2020……………….

      2. Tiredofantiamericans says

        You know, I’ve been a Democrat my whole life, born n raised. But, the crap that comes out of the mouths of the treasonous serpents ( the “so called new Democrats), liberals, nazis, communists, are exactly that! CRAP! You DEMAND respect, but give none in return to earn respect. You DEMAND equality, yet you prove your racial differences. You DEMAND integration, yet you spew racism and thus prove your mental inferiority and humanitarianism.
        The Original Democrats and Republicans coerced together writing the US Constitution for the betterment of American society and humanitarianism. I will stand by the “WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” for Americans no matter what. But YOU TWITS make me utterly ashamed to admit being a Democrat!
        Get a life and get some meds, your personal opinion is crap, and your common sense is leaking from your ears! Trump has done more for the American people than any other POTUS in 40 years since Reagan. And believe me, Bush Jr and Obama BOTH were idiots of the most idiotic degree. MORONS both!

        1. PoliticsFullofTricks says

          Are you sick? Trump has not done anything but make America look bad.

          1. Ed says

            You are the sick one! It is losers like you and your kind that are making this country look bad. You are an embarrassment to the American heritage. I would not be the least surprised if it were found that you are an illegal that slunk across the border. Eat shit and die loser!

          2. Breaker 19 says

            Would you explain what Trump has done to make America look bad. I don’t watch CNN so I really don’t know.

          3. Jan says

            No it’s you and people who make statements like yours, and are unable to tell truth from lies, that make America look bad. It’s Democrats that have almost brought this country to its knees with lies, a totally biased press, baby killing, immorality and everything else that makes Democrats the enemy of this country. Add the completely biased press who never tell the truth, and are no longer journalists but complete fabricators. You will see if they ever get back in power the destruction they are bringing down on this country. Liars, every one of them on the left. How did this once great country sink to such a low level?

          4. Bud says

            You are a stanch Democrat! You are the kind of person who would say if President Trump cured cancer is not a Doctor. Do your homework, then your perspective may be enlightend.

        2. Ed says

          Thank you for your honesty. It makes me feel that all is not lost and that Conservatives are not the only ones that cringe at the so-called new Democratic party and their agenda to push this country into Socialism. I hope that you will do as I have. I am a Registered Republican but if another John McStain or Mitt Romney type runs for the Presidency, I would look at the Dem candidate and vote strictly on qualification and agenda!

        3. Mezcukor says

          I totally agree with you

      3. Julia Gurule says

        2020 BABY!!! MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Ed says

          Trump 2020

      4. John Reed says

        Your ignorance is only exceeded by your stupidity. In fact, your stupidity far exceeds the level of a mental midget and thereby puts you in a category all by yourself–that of a total dipshit!

      5. John Vieira says


      6. Ralph says

        Poor thing. You were probably born a simpleton.

      7. Katee says

        Doesn’t bambina translated to BABY??? that is exactly what you sound like with that stupid comment. Grow up!

      8. Janice Lowe says


      9. Snow says

        You are a assehole the only ones that broke the law was Obama the F bi and the doj depts. get the facts dummy

      10. John Vieira says


      11. Annie says

        Bambina, you certainly have your head up your south end as most Dems, fake news and leftists!! The Dems are the most corrupt! Dems have nothing in the way of helping Americans. For God sakes, they don’t even work!! All they do is run after their own tails!!!

      12. King says

        4 days ago you said this! But today NO COLLUSION!!! HAHAHAAAA EAT SHIT LIBERAL ASS WIPE!

      13. Leslie Whitehead says

        What planet are you on, how did you intercept the Fake News from planet earth. Our President will be known to mentally sound Americans as the Greatest of all time ! Drain The Democratic Swamp !

    3. James Cerullo says

      Filled with corruption? Then they’re world class people because for 8 years that’s all turtleface and his fellow low IQ repugnants looked for but found nothing on ANYONE in the Obama administration so the most corrupt administrations remain Nixon’s, Reagan’s and little bush’s- all repugnants.

  2. Rev. Janice & Veteran, Vernon Foster says

    Cortes should be indicted, tried, and imprisoned in the federal Prison for enough time that she will either not make it out or she will never be so dumb again to be the fall gal for Criminals trying to push their shams ! Everyone leftover from the Obama Regime including the Obamas, Clintons, Soro, Holder Lynch, and Rice and whoever the Government knows to be involved in the messy lies against Trump should be sued along with the DNC by the President Himself and His Family, then try everyone of them in Court , and jail them for Life they have left….Make Examples of these Criminal Traitors and it will not be tried on anyone for a long time!

    1. James Cerullo says

      Janice and veteran- vernon foster- we need to bring back burning at the stake- at least for liars like you cretins.

  3. Howlingmad says

    Corruption, is Corruption, is Corruption . . . there’s No Gray Area !, now its about JUSTICE . . . an putting those who tried to FANK said justice, into “Jail”. With the NEW AG, I think were in for a completely new situation, where by those who actually “Caused” all of this foolishness . . . are put into JAIL The American people will be completely behind such a move, being so ANGRY, with all of the “Complete Lies” being told about EVERYTHING that this White House, IS, an HAS BEEN doing. Its time for the actual TRUTH, to be told ! . . .

    1. Tiredofantiamericans says

      Amen. Place all of the traitors, Obama’s DOJ, FBI constituents, Clinton Cartel, AOC, ALL OF THEM in prison for life pus 50 years!
      MAGA 2020!

  4. Fay Tompkins says

    As an American citizen, I think that no body is beyond the law! If you do criminal acts, then you must be
    punished ! All of the crooks that have been so cruel to Trump should be in jail NOW ! All of the crooked FBI,
    The Clinton’s, The Obama’s, and anyone else involved in the deal to get rid of our Great President Trump
    needs to be charged and sentenced to prison. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN IN

    1. john says

      these are all treasonable offenses.

    2. James Cerullo says

      fay Tomkins- your post and those of all the trumpers remind me of a story I heard years ago. A woman had a son who played in a school band and they were going to be marching in a parade- the mother was very proud of her son and asked a friend of hers to go watch the parade with her. As her son’s band marched past them the mother said “look at that! everyone in the band is out of step except my son”. Soon one wing of a federal prison will be occupied by the entire trump family and you deplorables will still be denying the truth- trump sucks and so do all his lemmings.

  5. Ray Bergeron says

    Why not … she IS NOT above the LAW … ‼️‼️‼️🥶 😎🇺🇸

  6. Matt Atwater says

    Thanks 🙏🏻 that will be great and the once great fbi cia doj can become great 👍 again!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Red says

    One can only hope, but I’m not holding my breath for anything to happen to the untouchable DUMBYRATS!
    And why they are untouchable is beyond me! ANYONE else would be in very serious trouble!

  8. Ilona K Bogdan says

    I sure Cortez do not go to jail ,the fricken democrats ,never was and never be correct . They do not know that street . Only to lie ,cheat and ,take every occasion to do bed things to hu not in there side . I hope GOD well save this Nation from them , and from the stupid old Senders socialism/ communism . These people not normal !!!!!!!!!

    1. James Cerullo says

      Ilona Bogdan– that’s one of the dumbest posts I’ve seen since the last trumper post- all of you are low IQ losers- probably grade school dropouts. You’re too stupid to understand anything above 3rd grade level. You have so many mistakes in that post it doesn’t even earn an F. It’s FD.

      1. Leslie Whitehead says

        Your mind is like a sieve !

  9. Gene says

    It would be nice to see some arrests, but I’ll believe it when I see it

  10. Polly says

    Sad that the people of this country put up with so much corruption from their elected officials and then re-elect them!!!! How ignorant can people be!!!!!

    1. Galtha58 says

      Because the believe the corrupt news and don’t take the time to find the truth. This is as much a fault of CNN and the other fake news outlets as it is the corrupt people in the government. Hopefully the current lawsuits will help to end some of the lies, deception and censoring that has been going on for a long time in the news and on the Internet. The propagandists need to be revealed for all to see and pay BIG for what they have been doing.

      1. James Cerullo says

        galtha- you look like a dog and have the same IQ as a dog.

  11. Maxine Albritton says

    this was obvious even to the public. One Week Comey declares that Clinton maybe guilty and it comes out about the blackberries and computer cleaning ordeal. the end of the week she is totally innocent. that did not fly because I would like to know when it was legal to destroy government property> in fact, if you hold such and retire or leave your job for any reason it must be turned in. So without be priviledge to inside information it was obvious there were some serious fish to fry here.

    1. James Cerullo says

      Maxine Albritton- have an adult read you the stories about the idiot Ivanka and pee wee herman-( her husband )and how they handled their e-mails worse than Hillary.

  12. Jeffory Sweat says

    Mr. Please do your job according to the way the American public wishes it to be done. Jail and fines and penalties that will take away their benefits. They no longer deserve them. They years ago when they took the oath. But this obviously isn’t their first stint at being bad guys.

  13. Rodney says

    I have to ponder again, can an investigation and any prosecutions be held up when the whole thing was based on lies and lied to to judges? If the issuing judge had known the “evidence” Comey had brought was unsubstantiated and paid for by Hillary and the DNC, why that judge have issued the FISA warrant? If an investigation is based on an illegal warrant, don’t you have to stop all actions?

    1. Tiredofantiamericans says

      If none of them have been to trial in front of a Judge in criminal court, there is no indication of “double jeapordy”. Nit to mention the DOJ cannot legally give amnesty IF evidence is presented and is factual that there was a conspiracy with reasonable cause of sedition and treason, especially if it involves foreign entities.
      Therefore, since there was no trial, any and all evidence recently obtained CAN and WILL give way to reopening the past cases because of new evidence also allowing past evidence to be reinstated into the case.
      Bend over n spread em traitors!

    2. Bud says

      Maybe the Judge was dirty too!

    3. James Cerullo says

      Rodney- you trumper low IQ pukes are ignoring the 5-6 close aides to the buffoon who pleaded guilty. Splain that moron.

  14. GARY says

    It’s time we arrested this Steele guy and all the people that colluded with him including Hillary Clinton, charge them with the treasonous crimes they committed, convict them then execute as the constitution requires!!!
    It’s time for a real house cleaning of this treasonous garbage!! the broke every law possible and even tried to subvert the electoral will of the people by throwing the election. The Obama administration was dirty from the top down which is standard conduct for socialist, communist, nazi scum!!!! their turn colors are coming out. CORRUPTION TOTAL CORRUPTION !!!! THAT’S WHAT SOCIALISM AND COMMUNISM IS!!! CORRUPTION!!! YOU WON’T FIND ANY SOCIAL JUSTICE IN SOCIALISM!! ONLY CORRUPTION!!! and SCUM BAG POLITICIANS!!!!

  15. george debidart says

    Democrats seem to think there is no law in this country that pertains to them. They are the most corrupt SOBS in the country. They want to totally turn this country upside down. I can only hope that people will see through their BS and lies and send them packing in 2020. This guy Beto stands up in front of people and acts like the village idiot and the media calls him a super star. People need to pay close attention and be willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the Dems don’t get any traction. Say what you want about Trump, he is the only person in the equation that has the balls to do the right thing regardless of the fall out. Ask yourself what has Cortez, Schiff, Blumenthal, Warner and Nadler done other than spend tax payer dollars to investigate investigations. Give people like them the power to make real decisions we won’t have to worry about climate change ending the world in twelve years, we will all be citizens of Russia or China.

  16. FrankFrank says

    I thought the Obama administration was going to be “the most transparent in history.”

  17. Mike W says

    ” Barack Obama: “The only people that don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.”

    The left wing loons cheered when he said this – OBLIVIOUS as to what he was talking about. He was LYING straight to their faces. Did they ever question WHY he was so desperate to have all of his records sealed away – in other words try not to disclose the truth?

  18. Gerald Ladd says

    All of this mean nothing. Our current DOJoke isn’t going to do anything to the DemonDOGS.

  19. Kim says

    What a bunch of slithering snakes. These people have tried extremely hard to cover all corrupt bases. Thing is, I get the feeling that as each had had a role but Im also thinking there must have also had in their minds that they better have a plan B to cover their butts – After all, there is no honor amount liars, cheats & thieves. Anyone of them could easily become the sacrificial lamb. My hope is that one or more of the canaries will begin singing to their hearts content and turn on every dirty, rotten scoundrel involved – from Hussein, his administration, suits at the FBI , DOJ, CIA, foreign adversaries and a plethora of others we all know about,.!

  20. Ron C says

    Wow…it is a good thing for these hoaxer’s that the good men & women of the FBI & DOJ have different standards for different criminal’s , as do the courts…or they would be in big trouble for spying on the Trump campaign for Hillary…right? I bet Nixon is doing back flips in his coffin…But then he was a republican!

  21. Clementine Souchet says

    Obviously, “We are Not Practicing What We Preach” In case you have forgotten, here’s the patriotic oath of the United States of America, “OUR NATION”.
    I pledge allegiance to my flag
    and the republic for which it stands,
    One nation indivisible,
    with Liberty and Justice for “All”
    Why are all these corrupt, untrustworthy, traitors, like Hillary Clinton, the Obamas and the likes of them, Humanoids, members of the Washington bubble, the FBI, the DOJ etc… past and present, getting away with murder? Where is the equal opportunity for all? The ship is sinking, and when it does “We all are going down with it” regardless of social and economic status. Wake up.

    1. Johnny Hodge says

      I do agree. Very sad.

  22. James Hay says

    I Doubt Very Seriously From Experience Not To Rely On The Government Or Anyone Remotely Associated With It They Are All Liars As Well As Money And Power Hungry Garbage Bob Barr In Case You Don’t Know Is In With These Career Criminal As One Of The Boys. At This Point And Time I’ve Learned The Hard way not To Trust Anyone From Or Associated With Our Absolutely And Completely Corrupt Government. Trust Only President Donald Trump.

  23. Viet Vet says

    Lynch and Holder are poster children for abortion, or retroactive abortion.

  24. Hal says

    Its about time everyone knows the democrats party is under control of the underworld. They need to clean house if they ever regain the respect they once had. Sorry to say the last democrat I voted for was JFK.

  25. […]… . Christopher Steele ADMITS He Based His Entire Dossier on Unverified ONLINE COMMENTS […]

  26. John Mark says

    Obama had 8 years to build his corrupt administration and when he left he knew Hillary would continue his corruption of our government. Remember Obama was from IL and learned fro one of the most corrupt state governments in the country. There are many Obama sleepers in the government today and they are working behind the scenes to destroy Trump’s presidency. Honest Americans must take out every Obama crony in the 2020 election by removing all democrats from our government at state and federal level. Anyone who calls themselves a democrat is basically a communist. They support the destruction of America!

  27. Rickster says

    Muller and DOJ and corrupt CIA should be made to investigate and turn over all evidence to Senate to all related crimes from inside all groups, democraps, obama, Hillary, George sorry ass soros! And get these fools to Gitmo!! And give trump back the 2 years theyve wasted of his time!!

  28. John Vieira says

    The floodgates of hate and deception on a massive scale were unleashed the minute Trump became a “serious contender”…one would have to be brain dead not to have noticed…and the mainstream fake media were in the “vanguard”…and now the “censors” in social media has joined the fray on the side of the fakers to ensure the “one” narrative….also understand Fox has been purchased by Mickey Mouse…a “fait accompli” for the purveyors of “darkness”???

  29. Scott Peterson says

    Until the people start getting Serious about Sedition and Treason, things won’t change. Heads need to roll. Prison sentences (not slap on the wrists) need to start being seen by the Public if the govt. is to ever be taken as anything other than a den of Money and Power hungry greedy
    people whose God is the Dollar.

  30. Pete says

    Time for the real Special Prosecutor to be appointed to investigate the Clinton Campaign and all her minions in the Obama Administration, FBI, DOJ, State Department and other offices!

  31. Paddy Kalish says

    Very sad state of affairs. So many innocent people have been hurt by this charade. God bless President Trump, who is the best of the best of the best.

  32. Tom T. says

    Swamp Rinos protect their Demoncraps. Real Reports would INDICT the Demoncraps and Rino Neocons.

  33. Michael Winchester says

    Fuck Trump, his Turdtards and the Republican scum party!!!

    1. wendy Fulton says


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