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In Totally Non-Hitler Fashion, Democrats Demand Oversight of Fox News

In news that should have normal people laughing until their sides hurt, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News now has more viewers than CNN’s entire primetime lineup combined. That’s Tucker Carlson, all by his lonesome.

When you add in the viewership of Hannity, Laura Ingraham and other Fox News shows, it’s like the Harlem Globetrotters playing the Washington Nationals.

This infuriates Democrats in Congress, of course, because they prefer Americans to be wide-eyed, gullible and compliant to their totalitarian wishes. Which is why the House Oversight Committee is now demanding editorial oversight of Fox News.

Check your calendar. It’s not April Fool’s Day. That’s a real thing. One of the most powerful committees in the US Congress, led by the Democrats, is demanding documents from Fox News in retaliation for whipping their friends at CNN and MSNBC. Here’s what has happened, so far.

Fox News reporter Dana Falzone heard rumblings in 2016 about a possible affair between candidate Donald Trump and a porn star huckster named Stormy Daniels.

Falzone did some digging, but was unable to corroborate the story, so Fox News did the responsible thing. They did not report a rumor about a presidential candidate. That, by the way, is exactly how journalism is supposed to work.

Anyone who has ever worked at the assignment desk in a newsroom (present company included) will tell you that the fax machine and the phone lines never stop ringing. 75 percent of what comes in is press releases from nonprofits and other announcements of benign things that aren’t even remotely interesting or newsworthy.

About 5 percent of what comes is actually newsworthy and interesting. And the remaining 25 percent are insane ramblings, manifestos, UFO sightings and crazed conspiracy theories about who the real mother of Sarah Palin’s baby is.

Responsible news outlets filter out all of the kooky stuff and only report factual information that can be corroborated with multiple sources, yadda yadda yadda.

The Stormy Daniels story didn’t pan out, so Fox News did the adult thing and didn’t run it at the time. So now, the New Yorker ran a piece last month and accused the dastardly Fox News of “spiking” the Stormy Daniels story to help Donald Trump get elected.

Because when outlets like CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, ABC News, CBS News and PBS spike stories about blue dresses with DNA stains, illegal email servers, or photographs of Democrat presidential candidates in Muslim garb aiming an AK-47 at the American flag, it’s totally different.

Fueled by the irresponsible journalism of the New Yorker, Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) is demanding all of Dana Falzone’s documents pertaining to Donald Trump’s rumored extramarital affairs.

He’s also threatened to subpoena Fox News executive Ken LaCorte’s emails, claiming that LaCorte is guilty of spiking the unprovable story to help Trump win the election.

Cummings’ strategy is that if he can find a smoking gun, he’ll use it to punish Fox News for making an “in-kind” political contribution to the Trump campaign.

So far, Fox News and LaCorte have told Cummings to go pound sand, which is the legally correct response. Falzone has said she’s happy to cooperate with the committee but can’t turn over anything due to the non-disclosure agreement that all reporters sign with their employers.

This is yet another example of the tyrannical political left being unable to see past its own nose. Elijah Cummings is too much of a dim bulb to ever envision a day when Democrats are not in control of the House of Representatives, even though they’ve only been in power for a few months.

He can’t possibly imagine what would happen if he gets to exercise oversight of Fox News and then the shoe is suddenly on the other foot after the 2020 election.

That’s why we have a unique suggestion: Fox News should drag its feet for a few months, and then fully comply with Cummings when the 2020 election season is in full swing.

After Republicans win the House back in 2020, the GOP should put someone like Louis Gohmert (R-TX) or Matt Gaetz (R-FL) in charge of the Oversight Committee. And then let them use the “Cummings Rule” of media editorial oversight like a sledge hammer on CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the gaggle of media outlets that serve as the official mouthpiece of the Democrat Party.

That’s only fair, right?

The only way Democrats will ever learn is if their own tyrannical policies are used against them.

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Most Popular

These content links are provided by Both and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

To learn how you can use to drive visitors to your content or add this service to your site, please contact us at [email protected].

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  1. AP says

    To all you at CNN and your buddies in gov. You’ll get nothing but a one way ticket to HELL.

    1. Buckwheat says

      They’re already in hell. Just listen to their baby ness. I am ashamed of how they talk in my country.
      If you check out how screwed up Europe is, which is pretty much beyond belief, we will be in that sh..t of criminals, rapers, freeloaders and freebies beggars. Just look at what happened in Sweden. The people from the Middle East have had almost every girl from 8 years old up to 75. They are not for anyone but themselves. Same as those Hispanics as l see.

      1. Andre C Stephenson says

        Well, Buckweat, you’ve certainly exposed yourself as racist.

      2. Billy says

        AMEN !!!

    2. John the Deplorable says

      Amen the horsemen are ridding right now. Let me tell you once GOD and his SON get here they will all head to the fallout shelter in Denver and try to hide but GOD sees everything and for all non believers I suggest you pick up a KING JAMES BIBLE AND START READING IT A.S.P. it just might help you know what will happen to you if you continue to be wrong.

      1. MAGA says

        Amen and if one will read the last book in the Bible they will learn that in the end, we win! Hallelujah!

        1. Andre C Stephenson says

          John/MAGA: There will be no penalty to be paid by anyone in politics. God doesn’t give a crap about our petty politics.

    3. Doug Rodrigues says

      Considering that the major “news” media, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, all function like PACS for the democratic socialist party, THEY should lose their broadcasts licenses!

      1. Andre C Stephenson says

        Nobody’s going to lose their broadcast licenses because the MSM don’t act like PACs for anybody. They tell the truth. They’ve moved on to what’s news in 2020, unlike Fox which is still saying the crap they said last year at this time. No change. And all lies.

        1. Madeleine says

          The MSM don’t bother with truth. They push forward the narrative Nancy Pelosi tells them to from “Informed sources” We have yet to discover who these “Informed sources” are. Liars that’s all they are, stirrers, ommiters and just plain liars

      2. Billy says


        1. Lindita Rustem Macuku says

          George Soros is an palestinian international troublemaker

    4. Doug Rodrigues says

      The left are demonstrating how tyrannical they have the potential to be if they gain more power. The Democrat socialists should never be put into a position of controlling all three branches of government again because we would probably cease to be a free country! They’ve lost their minds in pursuit of their socialist utopia and one world goverent.

      1. Andre C Stephenson says

        Where and when is the left acting tyrannical, Doug. That’s just a lie that Fox feeds you to keep y0u riled up. And it worked. In 2020, the Dems are going to take the House and Senate. And they’ll take the presidency too if you Republicans don’t nominate a good president. Romney’s looking good about now. I doubt Trump will run. (Doug, there are only about four socialists in the House and just one in the Senate. You should stop being scared of them, because they’ll never make this a socialist country. Another lie by Fox. Quit listening while you still have a brain left.

    5. MANGO says

      WHY DO NOT OVERSIGHT C.N.N.,M.C.M.B.C and other demo-comunists chanels????

      1. Andre C Stephenson says

        Mango, your remedial writing class is starting now. Don’t miss it. Sure, if we have any demo-communist channels, we will investigate. Now get to class!

    6. Howlingmad says

      They have been doing WHAT THEY DO, for so long, their actually “Beleiveing” their own LIES . . . in a phrase, they JUST DON’T GET IT !.

      1. Andre C Stephenson says

        Howling, just which lies are “they” believing? Certainly not any of the 9500 public lies told by Trump!

  2. Debra Baxter says

    No smart person wants to listen to the lies and garbage that CNN spews.

    1. BWH says

      I listen occasionally so that I can hear first hand the lies and innuendos they spew out. It’s also often good for a laugh.

    2. Terry Mc Roberts says

      Cnn should have there license REMOVED NOW:(

    3. Judy B says

      I watch Fox News because I want to know who is doing what.
      I watch CNN to hear what others are saying.
      Tucker and Hanity are angry, and it shows. With Tucker I need to sift. He tries too hard to make Democrat’s look like buffoons. Hanity just comes across as horrified.
      With CNN, it exhaust me. I can sift through anger, but lies just piss me off.

    4. Andre C Stephenson says

      Debra/BWH/Terry: You obviously don’t understand CNN. They have tons of guests and it is the guests spewing the garbage. That garbage is called “opinion” and the guests are paid to say it. CNN has lots of guests. It’s not the CNN journalist spewing out the garbage, it’s guests. Judy, I’m glad that you recognize Hannity as all lies.

  3. william couch says

    Start with that “PRETTY” boy/bitch don lemon.. HE has a white boyfriend..

    1. Andre C Stephenson says

      William: What’s it to YOU! You jealoous?

  4. dave thomas says

    this is what happens when you let COMMUNISTS take charge !!! we reap what we sow !!

    1. Andre C Stephenson says

      Dave: When have we EVER let communists take charge? One time?

  5. dan says

    The real “collusion” is being perpetrated by those bastards in congress, past and present, who are doing whatever it takes to become the last political power in the United States, now and forever. The media is complicit as well. Maybe more so. They are not believers in the Constitution, even though they espouse their bs about the republicans destroying the Constitution. The communist dimwits are an evil force, and it is past time to stand up to them. If it were possible, or make it possible, to file a restraining order against them and the media.

    1. Andre C Stephenson says

      Dan: If you find a Communist, you be sure to file a restraining order against them. No judge in the country will accede. Meanwhile there are bastards in Congress who are doing whatever it takes to become the last Republican political power in the U.S., now and forever. I’ve heard of them. Despicable. Meanwhle, the media believe in the Constitution just as much as you do. Just as much. The communist dimwits ARE an evil force, but do you know any? No. And you aren’t going to stand up against anybody. I hate to say this, but it sounds like you’ve been listening to too much Fox, Infowars and Rush. Quit listening before you lose your mind even more!

  6. Leo says

    CNN, msnbc we want the news not your B.S sick opinions. 5 or 10 minutes all it takes. Your off . Too disgusting to watch.

    1. Andre C Stephenson says

      Leo, I’ve got news for you. CNN and MSNBC are ALL opinion. All the time! They have multiple guests on who are paid to give their opinions. All the time! That’s the show.

      1. Andre C Stephenson says

        Leo, CNN and MSNBC at least find guests. Hannity can’t even find a friend. He’s got the same half-dozen people on. Day after day, year after year. Doesn’t he have more friends? Apparently not. Hannity and his “friends” sit there and lie for the whole hour. I hope you don’t listen to them.

  7. James says

    People have FINALLY awoken and smelled the treason of the socialist Democrats…Brown shirts.

    1. george says

      the dem party leaders need to be investigated , lets see what corruption shows up?

      1. Andre C Stephenson says

        George, you can look all you want, but you won’t find corruption in the Dem leadership. But you can bet your last nickel that we Democrats will go after corrupt Trump when he leaves office!

    2. Andre C Stephenson says

      James, we have no brown shirts in this country, except for some racist skinheads. Punks. And NOBODY has woken up to the smell of treason. No treason. What world do you live in?

  8. James says

    I think it’s time to go after Soros!!!

    1. THOMAS says

      Yeah. We hear about things that he is involved in but it seems like he can’t be touched and that’s what i don’t understand because what i know about the law is he should have been put away a long time ago and his overseas bank account seized. That money could fund a wall from California to Lousiana.

    2. Leslie says


    3. Andre C Stephenson says

      James: You go first.

      1. Andre C Stephenson says

        Thomas: You go ahead and believe that myth. It’ll keep you occupied for days.

  9. Morgan says

    Main stream media like cnn MSNBC are noting more than another political weapon that spins lies for the democratic party they are not news

    1. Andre C Stephenson says

      Morgan: CNN and MSNBC are respected news outlets. They are not political weapons. If I want that, I go to Tucker, Hannity and Laura who spew Republican propaganda for three hours. Or if you want to go worse, Infowars and Rush.

  10. Jean Goodpasture says

    Fox is the only station I watch so don’t know about the others

    1. Andre C Stephenson says

      Jean, I pray you don’t watch prime time Tucker, Hannity or Laura, because all they do for three hours is tell lies. If you want to keep your mind, you’ve got to quit watching those three.

  11. Mark says

    I constantly complain to my cable provider to drop CNN and replace it with One America News.
    Nothing seems to work. It’s like they’re under some control from someone powerful enough and that alone scares the hell out of me.

    1. Rhonda says

      How to you get one American news

    2. Andre C Stephenson says

      Mark: There’s a conspiracy theory for everyone under the sun.

  12. Jerry says

    Okay, what do you think now?
    Is there any other way than civil war tpo resolve the ;liberal dem bloodsucking problem

    1. Walt says

      No I don’t want it but it’s all they will understand so let the reset happen under pres trump we can only hope he truns a blind eye as the traitor s are dealt with

    2. Andre C Stephenson says

      Jerry/Walt, now boys. No fighting. There will be no war to end the liberal dem bloodsucking problem. You’ll have to find a different way. Like voting. Not war. You can try the ballot box in 2024, because in 2020, the Dems will win the House, the Senate and the presidency. In a landslide! I doubt a Republican can win the presidency after Trump drops out in 2020, but you can wish! Walt, where are your traitors? Where? You have none! Oh you’ve got a long list of people you don’t like, but NONE OF THEM ARE TRAITORS! None! Trump won’t turn a blind eye to you and your cohorts trying to kill liberals! The U.S. military will crush you! Let me repeat: No war; NONE of them are traitors.

  13. Tom says

    Democrats = Socialists = NAZI Party = Democrat’s.

    1. Andre C Stephenson says

      Tom, you know that Democrats do not equal Socialists and they don’t equal Nazi. There are no Nazis in Washington. Nazis are only in bunches of skinhead boys who hide their faces. You know this about Nazis. As for socialists, there are about four young ones in the House and one old coot in the Senate. Surely you aren’t afraid of them, are you? I’m sure not. As for Democrats, I bet you know a lot of them. At work, at church, your friends, neighbors, relatives. I’m sure you know lots of Dems, and they surely aren’t Nazis or Socialists? I’ll bet your Democratic buddies are more like you.

  14. Mark says

    CNN is irresponsible whiners, they have lost all respect and have obviously become the propaganda wing of the Democrats….Jim ACosta should be
    Considered Completely irrelevant
    For reporting fake news!

    1. Walt says

      Always have been

  15. WhiteFalcon says

    Editorial oversight by the Government: That amounts to frank violation of our First Amendment Rights doesn’t it. Who really wants to vote for these so called Democrat MORONS?

  16. Estell says

    God is still in charge and HE will deal with the democrats and the rest of the leftists in HIS time frame. They WILL get whqat’s coming to them. And so will those who follow them.

  17. Linda Helda says

    George Soros has bought and paid for CNN ABC NBC CBS he controls what they put on the air. that makes it propaganda and now they want to sensor and they use the word sensor Fox News so that no real news reaches we the people of America. this should scare the holy heck out of each and every American in this country. that’s why freedom of speech was so important to the founding fathers in the constitution. not controlled speech, not politically correct speech but freedom of speech with out fear of retaliation which firing people from jobs is retaliation. we are aware of so many civilizations have found themselves at the door of distraction, which is where America finds itself today. if you want to have a free America everyone needs to fight against this tyranny which starts with suppressing information

  18. Lee says

    Whether you like it or not,whether you believe it or not God is running everything.God has created everything so to all of you who think you are more powerful because you have more zeroes in your bank account just remember what I have said. Here is a quiz for you.what is more powerful than God,more evil than satan ,rich people need it,poor people have it and if you eat it you will die? Answer: Nothing!!!

  19. John Vieira says

    We are dealing with ideologies…guess we left the barn door open and allowed some decrepit persona to tarnish the “silverware”….and what they are offering in replacement definitely is not gold but a substance more common to sceptic tanks….and they will, as history will bear witness and their agents on the ground attest, introduce us to their way of thinking via a blood bath….eventually, as those who refuse “their” assimilation ( note: they DO NOT assimilate ) must of necessity be eliminated…

  20. Bob says

    “CNN’s Don Lemon announces his engagement to his boyfriend…” Well that explains a lot. Under the circumstances, I can see why Don’s such an advocate for the left position on most everything. It also explaons why, just about every time he opens his mouth, sh9t comes out (pun intended)!

    Awww, come-on folks! Where’s that sense of humor?

  21. Omega 2 says


    1. Walt says

      He should never be in that position an shouldn’t even be in gov

  22. Doug Rodrigues says

    Considering that the major “news” media, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, all function like PACS for the democratic socialist party, THEY should lose their broadcasts licenses!

  23. Doug Rodrigues says

    The left are demonstrating how tyrannical they have the potential to be if they gain more power. The Democrat socialists should never be put into a position of controlling all three branches of government again because we would probably cease to be a free country! They’ve lost their minds in pursuit of their socialist utopia and one world goverent.

  24. Rich says

    All the drive by media will have to hire strippers for their shows because they’ll have “Zero” fake news and commentary to report. Not to mention some of the night show liberal idiots, won’t have anything to say if they have to be truthful! That would be fantastic!

  25. Arschloch says

    There is no Democrat party. The last Democrat was Harry S. Truman. The last one before Harry was Andy Jackson. The rest have all been, and still are, hidden communists who lack the cajonies to admit their stupidity.

  26. ray sawicki says

    I would sooner believe Pravda then the Communist News Network.

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  28. mike baumgartner says

    Indictments are coming for the traitors. Need to keep FOX silent.

  29. Marlene says

    Here is a way to tell if a deal is a good one. Turn it around and present it to the person offering the deal. If they scream it is unfair then refuse their deal. It’s a real lousy deal.

  30. Ernst says

    Democrats are absolute hypocrites. Illegal and immoral things they do are done in a good cause and are good. Identical actions by their opponents are evil. Democrats today have no moral compass.

  31. jerry says

    The liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical life forms, don’t see it coming, at all, do they

  32. Jim says

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  33. Terry Weston says

    CNN, the Communist News Network, MSNBC, HollyRotten, Print and TV News are already the bought and paid for propaganda industrial arm of the demoncrat/communist party. Now theses very same communists want to control FOX. Well with FOX being bought out by the now LEFTIST Disney. (IMHO any conservative should NEVER support anything that Disney owns or produces.) That may come to pass. I hope that FOX stays centrist. Which is in reality WHAT THEY ARE !

    FOX has the likes of FAR leftists Chris Wallace and that sorry POS, Shep Smith to play to the far left as it is. The left tried to get Judge Jeanine shut down. But FOX got a HUGE backlash on that. The problem with the left in this country in the internet. When you can look up things like this !

    “One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”
    Vladimir Lenin

    “The goal of socialism is communism”
    Vladimir Lenin

    “The way to crush the bourgeoisie (The middle class.) is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”
    Vladimir Lenin

    “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”
    Vladimir Lenin

    “Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.”
    Vladimir Lenin

    “We must be ready to employ trickery, deceit, law-breaking, withholding and concealing truth. … We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us.”
    Vladimir Lenin

    Does any of this look and sound familiar ? When you can see what rules the left follow. You can see them for what they truly are.

    Lairs, cheats and godless seekers of power. Who will stop at NOTHING to gain it. Voting for a democrat is cutting your own throat in the long run.

    1. Karen Lillian says

      Mr. Weston, would you be so kind as to send me your above letter?? I’m not good with maneuvering this kind of thing on the computer. My email address is: [email protected] Would really appreciate the quotes.
      Thank you K

    2. Walt says

      Wow great post. So fn true

  34. Ron P says

    The DEPLORABLE DUMMY RAT DEMOCRATS are a JOKE ! If they tried to take over FOX NEWS CHANNEL they would make themselves a LAUGHING STOCK of
    the WHOLE WORLD.. They don’t know what the HELL is going on in the World..
    They are ALL BUFFOONS and they don’t have the BRAINS of a pies ant.. I don’t know how the rest of you fell but that’s the I feel.. There Should be a VOTE to DISSOLVE the DEPLORABLE DUMMY RAT DEMOCRATIC PARTY !! How about it..

  35. James says

    FOX has already started giving in little by little. Watch who they have on and it will tell you. We need to promote One News America and get it out in big venues. These folks reveal a lot that America needs to know.

    1. Walt says

      Yes fox is getting a lot worse on there telling news it’s a shame Oan kicks ass.

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  39. Sue Rich says

    Fox News is just one outlet, Dems. Every time you take one out, we’ll find a better one. You have no right to only air WHAT YOU WANT PEOPLE TO SEE AND HEAR. Get over yourselves. The Democrats are so vastly unpopular because of crap like this.

  40. Paul A DENIS says

    Democrats are afraid of themselves and can’t do anything about it. They break the law all the time. there time will come very soon.

  41. Andre C Stephenson says

    This is a serious charge against Falzone that should be investigated. Otherwise, all we have is her word that she couldn’t get the Stormy Daniels story. Who’s going to investigate this besides Congress? Well, maybe they should give it to the FBI first. But after that, Falzone needs to testify before the committee. Her NDA doesn’t hold up during congressional hearings. I spent 40 years in print journalism, and this is a serious charge against Falzone.

  42. Jeff says

    I’m thinking that the Democrats pushing for over-site of FOX commentators, need to have some STRICT OVER-SITE placed on them, HOW, on a salary of $174.00 do they become millionaires in a short time in office ? YES, that’s where over-site needs to start!

  43. Lindita Rustem Macuku says

    Nice picture! Laughing is the best answer to them

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