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The Incredible String of Impossibilities You’re Supposed to Believe Right Now

Whoever recorded the election night coverage and caught that huge Biden miracle dump of ballots in Michigan deserves a medal. He or she took a screenshot of Biden receiving 138,000 votes in one batch – with zero for Trump – and it set this whole thing in motion. That first instance of catching the Democrats committing fraud set off an avalanche. We’re told that the first incident was a “glitch.” Since then, we’ve been asked to believe a lot of impossible things about this election. Let’s review some of those preposterous impossibilities.

First, there’s the uncharacteristic quietness of the media. Sure, they’re loud in telling us to accept the election results. I’m talking about how quiet they are about the numbers. “Joe Biden won and that’s all we need to know!”

This is abnormal and it’s impossible for me to accept.

Throw out your intelligence for a moment and pretend that Joe Biden actually won the election with 80 million votes. If that really happened – if anyone actually believed that had happened, the newscasts would be filled with celebratory pieces about Joe Biden’s miraculous victory.

Donald Trump is unquestionably the most popular Republican president in American history. And somehow a man who has never been considered popular defeated an incumbent president with record-high turnout. The media would be doing deep dives into the numbers and analyzing just how that happened, if they really believed that it happened.

Joe Biden supposedly received 80 million votes in this election. And he somehow achieved that with nearly record-low turnout among minority voters for a Democrat candidate. Trump won the highest percentage of minority votes since 1960 for a Republican candidate, while Biden won the lowest percentage of minority votes of any Democrat since 1960. Let that sink in for a second.

The Democrat Party’s Jim Crow laws and segregation were still in effect the last time that a Democrat candidate was so unpopular with minorities. But somehow, despite that dent in the Democrats’ coalition, Joe Biden surpassed Donald Trump’s vote totals by a record amount.

If the media believed this actually happened, they’d be devoting hours of airtime to looking at the numbers. Instead, they are wildly incurious. It would be like landing on Mars and discovering that there are Martians walking around there and the media just kind of shrugs and yawns at it. Ho hum!

By this point in the 2016 election cycle, we had tons of data and news stories about what had just happened. We knew how evangelicals and doctors and suburban housewives and LGBTQ voters and blacks and Hispanics and Asians and Sri Lankans and computer programmers and encyclopedia salesmen and coal miners and truck drivers and baristas and commercial fishermen and beat poets had voted. Everyone wanted to know who was in the Trump coalition that had pulled off that amazing upset victory.

But when Joe Biden smashes the all-time popular vote total, despite not having a single supporter who put up a Biden-Harris yard sign anywhere in the country, the media definitely does not want to look at the numbers. They somehow don’t care who is in the “Biden coalition.”

Media: “No need to look closely at any of the numbers or do any post-election analysis! Can we just skip ahead to the inauguration?”

Does that pass the smell test with anyone?

We are also expected to believe that despite the fact that Joe Biden is somehow the most popular politician in American history, the voters decided they didn’t really want any of Joe Biden’s policies implemented. How else do you explain the way that down-ballot Democrat candidates got hammered?

As of this writing, it looks like Republicans will be trailing the Democrats by 9 seats in the House. The Democrats have a razor-thin majority in the House. It’s the smallest majority Democrats have held over Republicans in the last decade. They’re talking about putting Nancy Pelosi up as Speaker once again, but before this is all over, the Democrats could still lose control of the House! A bunch of races are still up in the air. Meanwhile we’re supposed to believe that Trump lost but somehow the voters were so enamored with Republican House candidates that we gave them big wins?

We’re also supposed to believe that the “bellwether” states of Florida and Ohio, and 19 of 20 bellwether counties in America were won by President Trump – but Biden won the election. These predictive states and counties have determined the presidential election winner for decades now. I know that’s not scientific, but Joe Biden somehow lost all of those bellwethers and won the election? Really?

Anyone who believes this string of impossibilities has to be crazy.

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  1. James says

    Joe Bien did not win the election!!! He cheated with the help of the MSM and the communist party you want collusion look into Bidens ties with China. Biden will never be my president and I say let us The American people stand up against this fraud!! Demand a revote!!!!!

  2. Don says

    A recount would be the only fair thing, but it will not happen as long as people like Soros,Pelosi, Obama, shifty, Waters, etc. are around, there will never be an Honest Election in America again. You will have to stoop to their level and just take what you want, even if in means selling your soul to obtain what you want. This just happened!!!!

  3. Jimmy says

    james you are 100%right I am ashame of what this country has come too the dems and all the corrupt people have done we all have to stand up for recount with people on both sides counting by hand

  4. EDDIE HOLMAN says

    Why did Biden stay in his basement for most of the of the normal campaigning season? How does President Trump pull thousands of people to his rally’s and Biden gets maybe a hundred when they finally allowed him to come out? No need to campaign. No need to answer any questions. MSM ignored his gaffes. MSM hounded Trump and his team relentlessly. Biden and Kamala didn’t field any tough questions except for what flavor of ice cream did you get? They knew the “fix” was in. The ballots were printed and filled out by the Democrats before the day of election. Stop the counting of the votes that night night. See how many are needed and send them to be counted. No postmarks as they weren’t mailed. Just delivered by trucks and Van’s. Count them behind closed doors at 4am and throw out the envelopes Only had time to vote for Biden. No downticket votes. NOTHING to see here! C’MON MAN!!

  5. Marty says

    You need to correct paragraph 5. Donald Trump did NOT defeat an incumbent president. Hillary was NEVER president. He defeated a Wanna be.

  6. Mike says

    Joe Biden, didn’t rig this election, the Socialist DNC did it! Joe is just a wandering mindless body, being guided by them, and sometimes loosing who he is, what he is , or where he is! The Media and Big Tech are who are involved with the cabal in stealing our election, they have joined the Socialist DNC, and are hoping that , “We the People”, will just shut-up, go away and let them “Dictate to Us” ! I think they will not get away with it, they’ve been exposed!

  7. Theresa Marshall says

    enough delay the Dems would be all for checking to see about rigged election if they were innocent everyone real American knows they are not Time to praise our Lord and pass out the ammo. We the people unite now

  8. JoeyP says

    How STUPID does the MEDIA think we ARE?!? . . . even MATHEMATICAL statistics PROVE this presidential election was a DEMOCRAT FRAUD. NO one in their RIGHT mind would believe that Joe won. He belongs in FEDERAL PRISON with the REST of the DEEP STATE – PERMANENTLY. GITMO and LEAVENWORTH will be FINE. One THOROUGHLY Enlightened And HOPEFUL Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  9. Sono Fabich says

    And Trump disavows Sidney Powell?
    Is she too right or too off base?

  10. Nate says

    Smells worse then a dead Sturgeon!

  11. Elbert Christian says

    Marty, you need to read paragraph #5 again. That’s not what it says.

  12. Paul Aldredge says

    When did he disavow her? She said the Kraken is released and it means there is a ton of irrefutable proof that the election was rigged. I’d think president Trump would like her.

  13. Robert Cooper says

    Biden and Harris are Certified Nuts.
    You really think the people believe you got legal votes.Think again no one is domb
    Come on China Joe.

  14. Wyatt Earp says

    We need to hold the media accountable for anything they post. Whoever report name need to put under the article! Biden didn’t win this elect! If these people in the Media want to prove it then step forward and Don’t cut out any part of the tape. These people need to be executed by FIRING SQUAD for stirring up lies and Riot in AMERICA! Now another question why were these CONGRESS MEMBER OUT IN THE STREET WITHOUT A MASK? Slowly as day to night come! There always seems to be something come out to prove this CORONAVIRUS IS A JOKE! AND IT ALWAYS done by a Democrat governor or mayor or Pelosi! It their way of keeping CONTROL of the country and MONEY!

  15. Connie Mays says

    This is SO bad. I would never have thought I’d see this kind of fraud in my great country! The USA will never be the same again. Joe Biden is an idiot. Wait until the gaffes start – we’ll be counting. He can’t put two and two together to make four.

  16. Almos Berry says

    The 2020 Presidential Election, unlike the 2016 Presidential Election, is Constitutionally Invalid. If you are of average intelligence and can read and understand the American English language that should be completely obvious. Unless, of course, you are a liberal democrat. Then there is no hope for you, you are just plain stupid, and as I’ve had proven to me over the years: Stupid Is Terminal, an there is no recovery.

    Since it is obvious that the 2020 Presidential Election was conducted in violation of the United States Constitution maybe all of us 72 million (=or-) who voted for President Trump should each file suit to stop the Biden/Harris Crap.

  17. RockyMtn 1776 says

    Trump needs to bring out the big guns NOW ! No accusations, no word of mouth bring out the actual evidence !
    I suggest using some of the rigged voting machines, real ballots and show people HOW Biden’ s name was used to give him such a massive (unbelievable) majority in some states.
    As to the mail in ballots, this may well have given even more fraudulent votes to Biden. There is a huge amount of evidence on this issue. Some on video with enough to question everything about this election. It appears the motto the Dems AND the RINOs is no evidence of voter fraud no matter how much evidence is discovered.
    Will American voters tolerate corrution at this level ? We will soon know.

  18. JoeyP says

    These Left Wing CHEATING Politicians just SOLD their SOUL to the HIGHEST BIDDER . . . the DEVIL. and it comes with a VERY HIGH PRICE, for ALL eternity in the HOT PLACE. One THOROUGHLY Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020.

  19. JOHN A MARTIN says

    Relax, Marty. We Conservatives are ALL NOT happy with this farce.
    Does NOT matter exactly WHAT HRC was, ok ?

  20. Lyudmila Loeva says

    Undoubtedly, Trump won the election, but Media itself announced the winner, it turned out to be media- president Biden and media- vice president Harris. And now the media – the winners appoint a media- cabinet that is going to rule our media- country. This is such a media- victory.

  21. Shaye says

    Trump said that Powell was not part of his official team. She is working for a group that is investigating the election fraud also, but seems to be with him but still independent. If she helps, so be it. Its disgusting and disappointing how deep this corruption is and how many are involved. From Bill Gates down to poll workers and even the justice system. How far will fanatical hate go? Trump did not lie …he has accomplished more in 4 yrs than Biden in 40.

  22. Michael S Dowling says

    Biden doesn’t even know this is going on. He can’t even complete a full sentence. He just needs to be hidden away and stay quite alittle longer. He doesn’t even know kamala is aready in charge. Prop him up like a good puppet and pull the strings when you need to. Watch out!! i think i saw biden dribble out of the old school gangster smile he has. Yeah mugsey let’s rub these guys out yeah yeah. Teamsters in philly, delaware area need him for the favors owed. Where they brought the truck loads of ballots there. Zuckerman of facebook and twitter people will come to collect next. They didn’t drop all those cash deposit in places for votes in pa, nevada, georgia, michigan etc. Then comes the big owe china. That will hurt our pockets the worst. They didn’t help hunter and the big guy to be nice. Cha-ching almost time for bills coming due. Next all the terrorist attacks coming from the border open door policy. Blm already coming for the check or cash. Way too many. On on and on.

  23. mikeinco says

    The fact the Dems cheated in this (and every) election should be no surprise to anyone. I believe that the President knew what was coming and will in the end pull this off and win. We can then sit back and watch the Libtards melt down and the major cities be burnt down.

  24. V says

    The media has nothing worthwhile to say. They need to get a different job since they obviously don’t have integrity in reporting truths not made up. There are a few credible news sources that I view and pay attention to all the others I don’t waste my time.

  25. Ken says

    What puzzles me is the fact that all of the fraud has been proven and yet idiotic judges, some democrat appointed and some republican appointed, keep throwing out the Trump team’s lawsuits for lack of evidence.

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