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Georgia County Cracks Dominion Vote-Switching Algorithm

Donald Trump won the 2020 election by a margin of 85 million votes to Joe Biden’s 72 million. That’s according to a forensic analysis conducted on a single Dominion machine in Ware County, Georgia. Since that is just the machine count, Biden’s true total would be even lower after discarding fraudulent mail-in ballots, votes from dead people and mafia-produced sweatshop ballots. The question now is whether the courts will be too discouraged by math to correct this grievous wrong that has been committed against America.

The distrust in this past election is staggering. 97 percent of Trump voters – and I am one of them – believe the election was stolen through fraud. The evidence has been conclusive and overwhelming, from the 17,000+ people who voted from beyond the grave in Michigan to the miracle late-night ballot dumps that favored Biden by margins of 100,000 to zero.

Democrats aren’t even attempting to explain away the fraud, which explains a lot. They’d love it if we could just get this pile of garbage certified and then hold an early swearing-in ceremony for Joe Biden. Chuck Schumer wants the Senate to start voting on Biden’s cabinet picks right now.

But not so fast.

Ware County managed to sequester a machine owned by Dominion Voting Systems – the shady election software and hardware company with direct ties to George Soros and Communist China. It was a fairly straightforward and simple analysis.

To test the machine, they ran an equal number of Donald Trump and Joe Biden ballots through the Dominion machine. Every time, the machine returned the same result: Joe Biden won by 26%. The people running the test were so surprised by the result that they ran the test – again and again. Every single time, the equal number of Trump and Biden votes produced a 26% victory for Joe Biden.

The way that the Dominion algorithm cranked out that result was by tabulating a Trump vote as 0.87 percent of a vote (87%). Every Joe Biden vote was tabulated as 1.13 percent of a vote (113%). Shaving 13 points off every Trump vote and adding 13 points to every Biden vote turned up a 26% Biden margin of victory every single time.

If that ratio were to hold up nationwide, Trump would have carried the vote in a 54 to 46 landslide over Joe Biden, with a margin of 85 million to 72 million. Keep in mind, however, that this is just one machine used in one county in Georgia. Dominion systems were used in 28 states during the election, and examiners suspect that different machines probably used different algorithms, to try to make the fake result look more “organic.”

Congressman Jody Hice (R-GA) was furious after the results of this forensic exam came out. He’s calling for a full audit of every Dominion machine in all 28 states. Now we understand the incredible rush that the Georgia Secretary of State has been in to “reset” the Dominion machines ahead of the January Senate runoff elections. Resetting the machines erases the forensic evidence that the fraud took place.

Multiple videos of Dominion’s Vice President of Systems Strategy and Security, a guy named Eric Coomer, have now appeared online. The videos are training sessions with Eric Coomer, in which he shows election workers exactly how to switch vote totals on the machines. Coomer’s social media channels – before he took them all offline after the election – are riddled with anti-Trump profanities.

Coomer was even recorded on a conference call with Antifa earlier this year. How do you even get that number to call in? You may not know what number to call, but Eric Coomer does! Here’s an exact quote from Coomer on that call:

“Trump won’t win. I made f***ing sure of it.”

Did Coomer make sure of it? It certainly looks that way, based on the forensic analysis of one of his machines.

The Trump campaign’s legal team has also produced evidence that packets of American votes were sent over the internet to counting systems in Europe. Foreign-owned voting machines tabulating American votes on foreign soil – with an algorithm that flipped Trump votes to Joe Biden. Could the evidence be any more overwhelming at this point?

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  1. james says

    is this a surprise to anyone.

  2. Jen says

    Absolutely not!

  3. george says

    Some of the other voting machines could be programmed for a greater Biden margin than the Georgia machine checked.

  4. Nate says

    So! What will be done about it? Most likely- NOTHING! As Our Constitution of These United States erodes due to the contempt of doing NOTHING! Our ForeFathers are turning in their graves over what this country has evolved into! Our government has FAILED THE PEOPLE of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA!
    And what have the chosen ones received for Our decision(s) and votes that placed them in office in the first place? MONEY- their greed is destroying this great nation!

  5. Tami says

    Trump Won
    4 more years
    Trump Trump
    Is my President

  6. John D Kelly says

    Executive Order written in 2018 allows seizure of all machines. Probably can’t get accurate count; but Supreme Court can throw out vote and order election by House of Representatives under 12th Amendment. ONE vote per state. We win 27-23.

  7. Joan says

    This information has already been brought out (algorithms) by Sidney Powell. She has shown proof of fraud before, what happened to her evidence??

  8. larry says

    Not surprised at all as Biden rarely left his house with crooked media hiding the truth of fraud and Dominion voting machines owned by Soros and stocks owned by Pelosi to rig the election with Trump getting more votes in the history of any President

  9. Emil Geverd says

    If this evidence isn’t enough, let’ s take the money that Pelosi wants to send to other countries and use it to fund re-votes in some of the key states. (Novel idea . . . use American money to support America and Americans) this is really a make or break election for America. If the bad guys steal this one there may never be a free election in America again. Seriously, this is it guys!!! The riots were just a prelude to the left (communists) stealing our country. It was and is all the plan . . . and the tight lockdowns were a part of it. We’ve have to fight now . . . later will be too late. Trump, like all of us, has some faults, BUT his love of America and Americans can’t be matched. He is Red-White-And Blue from head to toe.

  10. ward says

    NO doubt every damned dominion vote machine is rigged to vote biden to ruin the U.S. so bo can declare his dictator regime n a NWO of islamic, marxist tyranny ! Where was DOJ-AG that quit ? Another bureau coward !

  11. Paul Filing says

    What the hell is going on with this great country? If this theft is not disclosed immediately then we will be required to take Chinese language courses in grade school. Someone in a command position, ie., president, supreme court, military tribunal, whomever, should stop any further proceeding in inauguration, white house swap process, etc. and conduct a new election with stringent over site of election proceeding and get the position of president filled. Should someone be caught cheating, they shall be hung or shot immediately. End of problem. Come on man— I fought for this Republic not a socialist/communist regime.

  12. David says

    Not at all

  13. David says

    I worry about the Court systems suddenly becoming cowards because of their fear of riots when the vote is changed, which it definitely should be.
    Or are these judges, and we know some are, in the pockets of the Chinese Communist Party, the Ukraine and/or Russia. Or maybe even the Democratic Party led by George Soros, Obama and the Clinton’s who have their slush fund charity to pay the judges with.

  14. mach37 says

    The clear text of the constitution for the procedures for congress and the courts to follow in event of a contested election, and this election is clearly contested, must be followed. No repeat of the voting process is needed, or provided for in the constitution.

  15. Larry Gaines says

    So what is going to be done by the law for the fraud votes. I bet they do nothing

  16. HeyRho says

    Dominion’s Vice President of Systems Strategy and Security, Eric Coomer should be put in jail for election tampering. I figure it should amount to 30 year in a maximum prison facility or just send him to GITMO for a taxpayer funded life sentence! Anyone surprised that the democrats rigged the election has had their head so far up a donkey’s behind they didn’t see light or get any oxygen for two years. The lack of oxygen does kill off major brain cells.

  17. Ken says

    The fraudulent 2020 Presidential election is the worst conspiracy in the history of the United States of America and it is heartbreaking for all true conservatives but what can we do when all of the big money people and all of the Fed-eral law agencies are involved in the Demoncrap scheme? The atheistic heathens can riot, loot, burn, and kill, and nothing is done to them but let a group of conservative Christians try to hold a peaceful protest and see what happens to them. If President Trump does not declare Martial Law and have a new election we are screwed.

  18. Donald Miller says

    We knew that the election was rigged ! Now it can be proven.
    And now President Trump , what are you going to do about it ? Are you in fact the strong president that we think you are ?
    Did I read it correctly ? The same corrupt Dominion machines were slated to be reset and used in the Georgia Senate runoff ? What is to prevent them from being used to rig the Senate runoff election ? We all know that the Democrats want a Senate majority almost as much as they wanted the presidency !! We know that we can not expect a fair and honest election if Democrats are involved. Not even if it is an election for dogcatcher. It’s in the Democrats’ genes. They must cheat ! They know, no other way .
    If there is a riot, it will not come from the Republicans. It will be the liberals attempting to preserve their rigged election. Actually I hesitate to call it an election. Election suggests a fair an even chance for both sides.

  19. Ken W Stringer says

    If nothing is done then my Home States ONLY Recourse will be Texit. And Yes, Texas CAN Secede, It is In Our Constitution, and in the Annexation Agreement.

  20. Randall Gaiser says

    Unfortunately the Cowards in the Republican Party are not standing with President Donald Trump in his quest to reclaim his position as President.
    The evidence of election fraud is present but nobody wants it presented in a court of law for fear of riots. What they don’t understand is the fact that the people that believe in the 2nd amendment right to bear arms are predominantly Republicans and we can damn well defend ourselves and may turn against all that stand in our way to a free and just voting system investigation.
    All good Republicans MUST call your Representatives and Senators and DEMAND that they back President Donald J. Trump in this election fraud debacle.

  21. John Stock says

    If this is true (and I suspect it is) , why isn’t it on the headlines of FoxNews ????

  22. Kevin says

    If something is not done about all this voter fraud then there will be blood shed here on American soil why do you think there isn’t any ammunition on shelves have sold it all already

  23. Zepher Zipping says

    Supreme Court get it together , this is your most important Case . If you don’t who will ? It’s your asses too. Where are you when America needs you . Just look at the suffering were all going through , and you set up on your pedestal .

  24. rick says

    True conservatives need to grow a spine & FORCE action to be taken, or we can kiss this nation goodbye!

  25. Wyatt Earp says

    Finding Eric Croomer and placing him in front of a FIRING SQUAD should be top priority of the FBI! If John Roberts is worrying about A RIOTS he better resign or RETIRED! Because 75 million PATROIT AMERICANS CITIZEN ARE MAD AS HELL! If he doesn’t care about US THEN IT TIME WE SHOW HIM WHO WOKE UP THE SLEEPING BEAR! You think the ANTIFA AND BLM ARE SOMETHING? THEN YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT PEOPLE WHO LOVE THIS COUNTRY!

  26. Frank W Brown says

    The SWAMP runs INCREDIBLY DEEP, we may have already LOST our Country!

  27. Patricia says

    For the most part Fox News has become a turncoat. They are no longer truly fair and balanced

  28. Dysfunctional Veteran says

    These deep state bastards need to burn in hell!!!
    NASHVILLE – Jay Bonnie Bea
    AT&T got a contract to do forensic audit on Dominion voting machines and those machines were being moved to Nashville this past week.
    The former owner of the AT&T building in Nashville, William Kennard, is a board member for Cerberus Capital Management and AT&T…. He also was Bill Clinton’s FCC chair, and Obama’s Ambassador to the EU.
    Dominion voting is owned by Cerberus Capital Management…. Cerberus is run by Staple Street Execs. Joe Bidens Brother in Law, Steven Owens, is the cofounder of Staple Street Execs along with William Kennard (mentioned above).
    Super Computer in TN was connected to the AT&T internet in NASHVILLE…. yesterday evening the Cumberland river cooling system was compromised due to internet outage and Supercomputer fried…..
    If you don’t know, “Kraken” is a reference to a supercomputer former prosecuter, Sidney Powell, has been talking about.
    So, the explosion “just happened” to be at the AT&T location where they “just so happen” to control the cooling system for the super computer and house the dominion voting machines and drives for forensic audit…
    Does it make sense now why no lives were lost? Does it make sense now why the FBI task lead couldn’t even put together a coherent sentence in the press conference yesterday? Does it make sense why the mayor was making light of the situation, almost laughing yesterday?

  29. Patriot says

    Eric Coomer VP of dominion was quoted as saying that he’d made sure that F___g Trump never wins this election.What other proof do you need that this election was rigged.

  30. Vincent says

    In order. To get the courts and congress to recognize President Trump as the winner, his supporters should burn down some Cities like the BLM and Antifa did. Apparently Justice Robert’s only can recognize the merit’s of Trump Victory, if his supporters burns down a few police stations, Federal government buildings and department stores! Wake up America the Dems stole this election, you have to be blind not to realize this!

  31. Hal Lemoyne says

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021 Elected/Reelected Landslides
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  32. Veronica says

    My opinion is that President Trump should be re-inaugurated into the white house and somehow they need to do something other than smacking the demons on the wrist. Please stop letting the demorats get away with everything! Pelosi knew all this as did Chuckie boy so many others so why not have an official hearing and jail them? If we don’t do something our country is just going to keep going to the boon-docks! While at it check out Mitch and Barr!!!!!!

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